Memorial Trubutes

My friend, my girlfriend, my fiancée, my wife, my son’s mother, my former wife, my friend again,
my lifetime of memories and most important of all, our son’s guiding light.

Jamie was the inspiration for the broadest assortment of emotions I’ve ever felt because of one person.
She pulled from me ---- every type of feeling that could be felt.

The ones I remember and can feel now are surely some of the same ones that everyone in this room most likely knew as well.

Love, laughter, compassion, strength, dedication, devotion, warmth, and most of all the emotion that one feels when you saw the amazing loving look on her face as she looked at our son John.

It was a priceless expression of sheer love towards a beautiful boy.

I know most who knew Jamie realize------ where she got the ability to cause so much emotions.

For those who do not know where her abilities came from I can tell you.

For I was allowed the privilege and honor to witness the internal workings of a truly wonderful and beautiful group that surrounded her.

It was much like being embedded into the story of the Musketeers.

Except in this book there were four ...
Francine, Jamie, Laurie and Susan were a site to see, whether walking down the Croisett in Cannes or racing down 7th Avenue or Ventura Blvd.

Often there was an onlooker that asked if they were all sisters.

In many ways they were. Each best friends with the other, ------- and all great friends to many.

Although in one way the four have now become three------ the one that left will always keep them whole.

More important John will be forever blessed and will thrive within the traits that were created by Jamie and Laurie and Susan and Francine.

I and all who knew Jamie will be able to thrive--------- aided by the reasons for the emotions that Jamie gave.

Jamie will be missed and always remembered.

Most of all Jamie will be forever loved.


2008 Heirloom Lace Collection, Jamie Stewart