The Evolution Of Heirloom Lace Collection

Born and raised in New York City, Jamie fell in love with jewelry making at the age of twelve in her school's craft shop. By fourteen she had designed the Lepinki ring, which is worn mid-way down the pinky finger to "balance the hand." In her late teens she was cutting her own turquoise on the lapidary in her bedroom workshop. By nineteen, she had copyrighted her first design and began selling her jewelry. While traveling in Sri Lanka in 1983, she designed the first of her unique hand bracelets now called, "Hand Lace."

Coming from a family with an heirloom tradition, at sixteen Jamie was honored to be presented with the family heirloom lavaliere handed down from her great-grandmother, to her grandmother, and then her mother. As a result of this gift, her mother was then faced with the dilemma of replacing the heirloom lavaliere she had worn since a teen, and finding new ones for her two younger daughters. Jamie saw the need and felt it herself when 14 years ago it was time to find a lavaliere for her goddaughter and another for her bridesmaid. As the solution, Jamie's first two lavalieres were born along with the desire to create this "Heirloom Lace Collection."

While taking time to raise her young son and write two successful children's books for Scholastic, she returned to her first love, jewelry design. The "Heirloom Lace Collection" was launched in August 2001, at a show of American
artists sponsored by The NALL Foundation in Vence, France, for the who's who of the Cote D'Azur and Monaco.

Jamie lives in Los Angeles with her son.
The Lepinki Ring

In her early teens, with a handmade ring on every finger, Jamie wanted a pinky ring.

The problem was that she didn't like the way a pinky ring changed the balance of her hand. So, she designed the Lepinki ring and has worn it ever since.

The original was silver, the next was gold and now her Lepinki of choice is a delicate little gold and diamond band.

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