In the dictionary a Lavaliere is defined as,
"a pendant on a fine chain that is worn as a necklace."

To me a lavaliere is a very special, sentimental piece of jewelry that is originally given as a gift to mark a special occasion or a special relationship. It is then passed down from generation to generation as a jewel that has been loved and is now being shared.

In my family it's a sweet sixteen tradition but it can be a gift to mark any moment in time: anniversary, birthday, cherished friend, new baby, wedding, graduation, Valentine or any occasion worthy of a treasure.

Naturally, it's wonderful to receive such a thoughtful gift, but knowing that it begins a family tradition is lovely to anticipate.

Once it starts being handed down it is a jewel with a purpose to be worn with honor and pride. In my family it's worn every day. That's the way we do it, but there are no rules.

Though my lavaliere is fourth generation and my mother's and my sisters' are first generation each is just as eagerly anticipated by the next generation. Just as a child is not ours to keep, a lavaliere has its guardian till - whenever...



PS: If by some chance you lose your lavaliere you must pick up and replace it with another. And carry on.

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