Memorial Trubutes

On the day Johnny arrived in our lives, the happiest day of my aunt Jamie's life, with love and joy consuming her, she sat in her rocking chair and presented Johnny to the world through videotape. In that remarkable moment, with love and gratitude pumping through her veins, one thing sprang to her mind- I was apparently very upset with Aunt Jamie that someone was going to take my place- and this weighed on her. As I watch the video today, I see and hear my "aunt Mamie", as I used to call her, reassure her two year old neice how much she loved me, and how important it was for me to lover back, the same as before.

It didn't end there.

In the 5th grade, when three boys at school called me names and I came home crying, my aunt Jamie came to my rescue, showing up at school the next day, grabbing all three by their collars and telling them: You're fat! You're stupid! And you're ugly! And to never call her Molly any mean names again.

That was the essence of my aunt Jamie. Loyal, strong, independent and always had my back. She's taught her son, my cousin and best friend, the same thing.

She took me on adventures all over the world- from my first sleepover at her house, to bikeriding down a volcano in Hawaii, snorkling in the Carribean Islands, visiting Ann Frank's house in Amsterdam, eating waffles in Belgium, and shopping in Italy.

She was my aunt, my friend, my confidant. But most of all, she was a woman who inspired me and whose spirit I'll carry with me through all my futur adventures for the rest of my life.

A poem for Jamie....

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep

I am in the eyes of my son
And in the strength of my mother
I beat in Laurie's oversized heart
And I soar in Susan's spirit
I live in my neices and nephews
And I watch over them with love.

Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die

I am in the sounds of apartment 5C
And on the winds that blow through La Bergerie
I glisten on your fingers and on your necks
And my heart is with you
On all your adventures
Both large and small.

Do not come to my service and pray
I am not there, I did not stay
I am in you. Always.




2008 Heirloom Lace Collection, Jamie Stewart